Ongoing Committees

Committees are how we get stuff done! We identify jobs at meetings, folks volunteer, and then they meet online or in-person to move things along in their chosen task. They report back to the Board on any decisions or help requests,  et voilĂ , we have a working Guild!

Any member is welcome to join any committee with room on it, and please do- WE NEED YOU!! There are a lot of things that we aren't doing simply because we don't have anyone who's wiling/able to do them. IS IT YOU???

Fertile Ground Committee:

Margaret Gustafson (head), Henna Hemphill, DeAnna Padron,  Bianca McCarthy (advisory)

Competition Prep Event Committee:

Tiffany Slottke (head), Cassandra Rose, Danni St Athens, Jennifer Gunter, Elise Morris, Fanina Padykula (advisory)

School Outreach Committee (local-area school presentations):

Stashia Cabral (head), Emily Stuart, Joumana

PR Video/Guild YouTube Content Creation Committee:

Bianca McCarthy (head), Stashia Cabral, Kimberly Genly

Belly Dance Student Outreach Committee:

Jennifer Gunter

Cultural Appropriation Talk 2.0 Committee:

DeAnna Padron (head), Tiffany, Stashia, Jen (day-of volunteer), Elise (advisory)

Coummunity Happy Hour organization:

Margaret (head) Danni, Tiffany, Stashia

The Portland Bellydance Guild is fiscally sponsored by the Marissa Mission, a  subset of the Present Time Dream Factory, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supporting the arts in Portland, OR.

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